Professional Payroll tariffs

including Construction Industry Scheme CIS where applicable; CIS300 monthly returns

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rates subject to change without notice 22-Apr-09

Weekly payroll

up to 5 employees


per week; additional person + £2.50 per week

up to 15 employees


per week; additional person + £2.50 per week

up to 25 employees


per week; additional person + £2.50 per week

Monthly payroll

or where the amounts of weekly pay are fixed and the payroll can be run on a monthly basis

minimum fee, 1 employee


per month

2 to 5 employees


per month; additional person + £6 per month

up to 15 employees


per month; additional person + £6 per month

up to 25 employees


per month; additional person + £6 per month

Reruns; for situations in which the client changes the latest information. £45.00 per rerun

Year end filing of P35 returns


per year

P14/P60 End of year Summaries for each employee on the payroll throughout the tax year.

Including obtaining the government tax free electronic filing incentive payment for you Tax years 2005-06 £250, 2006-07 £150, 2007-08 £100, 2008-09 £75 compulsory from 2009-10.

Annual basis

This can be applicable when directors are the only employees or for nil annual returns where there are no employees.

IR35 Annual calculations and returns


per deemed employee, normally a director

Annual P35 returns nil pay


Annual P35 returns maximum tax free pay 2010/11 £6,475


per employee


Weekly or monthly administration. New employees processing P45's and P46's. Leavers issuing and processing P45's. Advising monthly amounts of PAYE/NI payable. Payroll summary reports weekly and monthly


Any additional work involved in H M Revenue & Customs/National Insurance Contributions Agency payroll inspections, enquiries, special investigations, meetings with the Inspectors, reconciling differences between amounts of PAYE/NI paid and payable and misallocation queries with payroll offices which will be charged separately, on a time basis, if required. According to H M Revenue & Customs policy a payroll inspection can be expected at two yearly intervals with both PAYE and National Insurance being mounted separately; although these should not take place in close succession. Administration of state benefits There is a growing legal requirement for employers to administer state benefits. These are currently: Tax credits, student loan deductions, statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay. This involves making payments and deductions from employees and paying or reclaiming these through monthly PAYE/NI payments to the Collector of Taxes. There is also a mechanism for receiving reimbursement advances for situations in which your amounts of benefits disbursed to employees exceed PAYE/NI amounts due for payment to the Collector of Taxes. In addition to the weekly or monthly administration, each needs to be incorporated into annual returns.

Additional fees for administration of state benefits

General liaison, adjusting monthly amounts of PAYE/NI payable by the employer and incorporating figures in annual returns and reconciliations; additional + £6 per applicable employee per month. Funding applications £35 per application. Employer's Certificate of Earnings £35 per certificate

First set-up of your payroll

Establish PAYE scheme with the appropriate H M Revenue & Customs office £65.00

First set-up, on our systems, of a new payroll for the first day of the tax year or the first payroll for the organisation: a further amount equal to the weekly or monthly rate. Take-over of a payroll in the middle of a tax year and assimilation of previous workings: by quotation on the basis of time required.

Additional services and charges by quotation

BACS and other bank transfer processing. Departmental analysis of payroll costs. High staff turnover. Resolving unclear payment instructions. Annual P11D employee benefit returns.

Associated services

Personnel, employment law and health and safety consultancy. Employment law advice. Staff contracts of employment. As part of an insurance package against claims for compensation, unfair dismissal and other claims including employment tribunal costs and related legal fees.

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