Online accounting software

VGW&Co. Online Accounting Software and Bookkeeping

Online accounting software main features
  • Main features
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Plain English
  • Professional support
  • Fully supported by ACCA accountants
  • Online so nothing to download.
  • Low monthly cost with no strings.
  • No additional update costs
  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • Small businesses: Large business
  • Please talk to us if you think that large volumes of data may be a problem
  • Your data is safe and backed up by our twin online servers
Iris Kashflow
  • We have partnered with our own accounting software provider of twenty-five years to provide our clients with this great online service: IRIS KashFlow.
Online accounting pricing
  • Pricing - low cost; no commitment
  • Try free for fourteen days.
  • No commitment so nothing to cancel if you do not go ahead at the end of the free trial period.
  • £10 per month
  • Add £5 per month for payroll
  • Down to £5 per month for small usage:
  • 10 invoices per month maximum and
  • 25 bank transactions per month maximum
  • Cancel any time
  • Download your data if you cancel
Online accounting business advantages
  • Business management improvements
  • Sales ledger control and outstanding debts.
  • Reminder letters for outstanding accounts.
  • Quotation system available while you are with your customers.
  • Quotation links to sales invoice.
  • Purchase accounts control with your suppliers.
  • Management accounts:
  • For yourselves
  • For your bank
Online accounting standard reports
  • Standard reports:
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Outstanding customer balances
  • Outstanding supplier balances
Online accounting more detail
  • Online accounting - Get started
  • If its your first sales invoice take advantage of our templates or
  • Pick an invoice layout which is like your current version.
  • Built-in conversion from:
  • Sage
  • QuickBooks
  • Convert from any system - Just ask us
  • We can convert your Sage or QuickBooks data onto the system during your fourteen day free trial
  • We can help you convert from any system that you are using:
  • Other software
  • Manual books
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Any other spreadsheet
  • Try it now with dummy data:

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Online accounting Bank
  • Bank entries
  • Key-in the transactions or
  • Download your bank transactions
  • Automatic bank download feature
  • View your bank balances on your dashboard
  • Record transfers between bank accounts
Online accounting VAT return
  • VAT Value added tax
  • File VAT returns directly from the system
  • VAT - H M Revenue & Customs HMRC formal recognition
  • or
  • Let us do your VAT for you for a fixed fee.
Online accounting payroll
  • Online Payroll - Get started
  • Payroll Pay-as-you-earn PAYE and national insurance NI
  • Payroll at £5 per month
  • Weekly monthly or any other basis
  • PAYE and NI - H M Revenue & Customs HMRC formal recognition
  • File all returns from the system
  • Run integrated with the main accounts
  • or
  • Run your payroll as a stand-alone system
  • or
  • Let us do your payroll at our Tariff fee.

Try it now with dummy data: - get Username and Password

  • Try VGW&Co. Online Accounting Software service risk-free now and start solving your accounting and bookkeeping problems.
  • You can use all the features
  • Unlimited sales invoices
  • Unlimited purchase invoices
  • Our philosophy
  • We can do all your bookkeeping accountancy VAT payroll and company secretarial; annual accounts and taxation; tax planning, or help you to do any aspect yourself.
  • If you are a company accountant
  • you may only need our annual services and occasional pointers.
  • Most entities do not need an audit or other formal assurance reports but we can also undertake your audit if this is required.
  • If an online accounting system is for you:
  • We can do all of it for you or
  • Some of it or
  • Simply provide guidance;
  • If the online accounting system is not for you there are other solutions for your VAT tax and accounting problems.

Please talk to us about bookkeeping and accountancy