Competitive quotation for your Annual solicitors accountant's report under Solicitors' Accounts Rules SAR.

Proposed removal of the SRAs Accountants Report
The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has launched a consultation proposing to remove the mandatory requirement that firms must submit an annual accountants report together with other regulatory proposals.
If these proposals are implemented The SRA does not expect that firms whose reports are due after October 2014 will need to submit them.

  • We will give you a competitive quotation based on the number of days spent on your premises.
  • We will try to minimise the time by helping you to help us.
  • Once we have discussed the details we will give either a fixed price quotation or a price capped by the maximum number of days which are to be chargeable.
  • Practical considerations mean that the work will naturally fall into two parts:
  • Phase 1:
  • Setup.
  • Examination of cashbooks bank statements and ledgers.
  • Phase 2:
  • Examination of underlying client records based on samples selected at Phase 1.

Competitive quotation for your SAR report