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Horns in Hayes

Gramophone and Vinyl

Gramophone, written-in-sound; trademark, by German-American inventor Emile Berliner in 1887. From the Greek "gramma" - that which is written and "phone" - sound. Subsequently the name of the Gramophone Company Ltd. To the British employees in Hayes "The Gram".
Work on the Hayes factory started in 1907 with the first commercial recordings 1908; subsequently under the name ‘His Masters Voice’ HMV.
In the 1930's and 1940's the main record manufacturing material became polyvinyl chloride; to everyone, vinyl.
The Gramophone Company Ltd was later part of Electrical and Musical Industries EMI.

Hayes Shipping Building and Nipper

Statue of 'Nipper' 1884-1895

'Nipper' the fox terrier - from stray to immortality

Hayes Nipper plaque

Artist Francis Barraud, inherited the dog Nipper and painted a picture, which he titled "His Master's Voice" after noticing the dog's reaction to Francis' recorded voice. The Gramophone Company bought the painting and copyright after asking the artist to change the record playing device, in the painting, from the Marconi cylinder player to the Gramaphone flat record model.

Hayes record store and train

The record store and train to Reading

The record Store building, Pressing Lane

Conversion and renovation of the original building of 1927.

Hayes The Old Vinyl Factory

Sign from Dawley Road

The Old Vinyl Factory

The whole area is now renamed The Old Vinyl Factory.

Hayes Global Academy

Global Academy, Blythe Road

Study here; Global Academy - for a career in broadcast and online media

Opened by the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex in 2016, The Global Academy is a University Technical College and is sponsored and promoted by the media and entertainment group Global and by the University of the Arts London. On the opening day Global stations broadcast morning shows from here including the LBC Nick Ferrari Breakfast Show.

Bluenote apartments

Bluenote Apartments - Bellway

Hayes Fizzy rentals

Fizzy rentals Pressing Lane

Live here

Groove House formally Damont Records
Goldmark House adjacent
Gatefold - commemorating the gatefold design of vinyl album covers
Fizzy rentals, Pressing Lane

Blue Note Bellway
Crest Nicholson
Weston Homes

Workspace group - Enterprise House the 1912 built factory; Grade II Listed

The Heretage

Hayes Shipping Building

The Shipping Building, Factory Lane. Conversion and renovation of the original building of 1928.

Hayes Ex EMI Head Quarters Building

Previous EMI Headquarters Building, Trevor Road. Converted into apartments in 2000

Tax returns and tax advice Ealing London

Heritage collage by Sergei Sviatchenko. The builings on the right are in Blythe Road, Enterprise House and futher away the previous Gramaphone Company/EMI Headquarters. Employees leaving work in 1930.