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  • You do need your new limited company formation service to be:
  • Quick, normally one day or same-day.
  • Incorporate fast.
  • Easy.
  • Competitive price.
  • Carefully monitored.
  • No errors on the forms to Companies House.

Company formation packages

  • Traders choose an ideal inclusive package for your first year with benefits available of immediate VAT registration payroll registration and company secretarial support. £230 + VAT.
  • or Pay-as-you-go for the services you need.
  • Company formations package
  • Email complete package.
  • Printed set.
  • All statutory incorporation documents.
  • Ready to open your bank account.
  • Certificate of incorporation.
  • Memorandum of association.
  • Articles of association.
  • Share certificates.
  • Our professional guidance letter.
  • Our support services tariff details;
People also ask
Do I need a limited company?
There are a number of reasons why you may need a limited company:
1. For limited liability. To protect personal assets in the case of a business failure. This is the primary reason to register a limited company.
2. In order to obtain work or secure contracts. In some circumstances contracts are only available to limited companies.
3. For tax planning; to avoid higher rates of personal tax.
4. To separate trading activities.
5. For general business status.
6. Overseas business, without UK premises, employing someone working in UK

Protection of a business name may not be a good reason to register a limited company. See: Use of the company name.
Sometimes it is a case of personal preference. You may decide to start a business as self employed and then register a company later. If you are considering this please see the Related links: Self employed sole trader topics menu.
Please contact us. We can help you decide whether you need a limited company or not.
Company identification?
The company name must be shown outside every place of business and on all business letters, order forms and web sites.
Business letters and order forms, hard copy, electronic or in any other form, must also show:
a. The registered office address.
b. The registration number.
c. The words "Registered in England and Wales".
In addition to statutory requirements, failure to make clear, in advance, that business transactions are undertaken in the name of the company may result in the person conducting any such business becoming personally liable.
Names of directors need not be shown but, if you choose to show them, all directors names must be included showing the nationalities of non UK directors. The amount of share capital need not be shown but if it is shown it should be the paid-up capital.
Contact us about trading with a limited company
Company secretary?
A company need not have a Company Secretary after 6.4.2008, one director is sufficient and we normally register a company without a Company Secretary. The duties of a Company Secretary are less wide than those of a director and include filing returns with Companies House and H M Revenue & Customs and arranging banking facilities. Directors are also responsible for these.
Contact us if you wish to know more about Company Secretaries
Filing dates, penalties and interest charges?
Your first accounts will be up to the end of the month one year after the company registration date although we can change this for you if you wish. We will co-ordinate your chosen year end date with H M Revenue & Customs for Corporation Tax and VAT. ...
The latest date for filing statutory accounts with Companies House is a year and nine months after the registration date and with H M Revenue & Customs for Corporation Tax payable a year and nine months after registration date and nine months after the first year end. Automatic penalties will be charged for late submission and interest will be charged by H M Revenue & Customs, and in some instances penalties, for tax paid late.
Self assessment tax returns will become due from the following 6th April (latest filing date the subsequent 31st January) for all directors and PAYE procedures and annual returns will usually apply from the tax year ending each 5th April (latest filing date 19th May). If directors, company secretary or employees have expenses or non cash benefits such as cars or medical insurance, forms P11D will be due, latest filing date 5th July. Late submission penalties and interest on late payment of tax also apply to each of these. Personal income tax and corporation tax should be paid even if you do not receive a statement or even if the returns have not been filed. Personal income tax paid late can become subject to penalties of 5% or 10%.
We can prepare your statutory accounts and Efile these with Companies House. There is a preliminary postal setup authorisation procedure.
Part of the service you get is tax planning to take up your annual tax free personal allowances and personal dividend allowances and minimise the amount of tax you pay.
If necessary statutory accounts can be filed by hand to the London office of Companies House; the courier cost from Ealing will be £25.00 approximately.
see also Tax inspections and enquiries
Contact us about your filing dates and how to avoid penalties and interest
What do i do with the CG41G Form?
  • Avoid Corporation Tax penalties when your company is dormant by filing a form: CT41G Dormant Company insert. You need to ensure that this has been accepted by HM Revenue & Customs and that they have the proper address, particularly if the registered office has changed or is with a registration agent.
  • Avoid failure to notify Corporation Tax penalties when the company starts any business activity by filing form CT41g (CT41g-clubs for clubs and societies).
  • Come off dormant company tax status by filing CT41g when the company starts any business activity.
Dividend drawbacks?
Dividends are not earned income. This may affect:
1. Tax relief on pension contributions.
2. State retirement pension and SERPS.
3. Eligibility for unemployment benefit.
Contact us for tax advice about Company dividends
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