Restoring a company to the register at Companies House
£319 + VAT £30

If your company has been struck off by Companies House

  • We can restore your company to the register under the administrative restoration procedure within a week after obtaining the Treasury Solicitor waiver letter.
  • The Treasury Solicitor waiver letters are currently coming through in about a week to ten days.
  • We will apply to the Treasury Solicitor first and tackle the other problems in the meantime:

Other problems

  • Preparing outstanding accounts.
  • Preparing outstanding forms AR01 Annual Returns.
  • Preparing form RT01 Application for administrative restoration to the Register.
  • Securing payment of:
  • Treasury Solicitor's fee £69.00.
  • Outstanding Companies House penalties up to the date of striking off.
  • Penalties stop increasing from the date the company is struck off.
  • Companies House restoration fee £100.00.
  • Form AR01 Annual Return postal filing fees at £40.00 each year.
  • Companies House recommend filing everything together to avoid generating administrative difficulties and unnecessary correspondence with Companies House.
  • Our fee is £150.00 + VAT
  • So that is:
  • official fees £169.00
  • our fee £150.00
  • + VAT on our fee £30.00
  • Total £349.00
  • + Companies House Penalties.
  • + Preparing outstanding returns and accounts - fixed price by quotation.
  • All costs, apart from penalties, are allowable deductions for Corporation Tax.

Companies House write to us confirming the restoration

  • The company immediately appears in the online record as active.
  • A notice is published in the London Gazette.
  • Your bank pick this up and reactivate your bank account; releasing any frozen funds.
  • The company continues as if it had never been struck off.
  • but references to striking off and restoration remain in the company filing history on the public record.

Applicable law and legal considerations:

Apply within six years of striking off
Otherwise application must be made to the court.

Sections 1000 & 1001 of the Companies Act 2006
The company was struck off the Register under the power of the Registrar to strike off a defunct company.

Section 1024 of the Companies Act 2006
We apply for the company to be administratively restored to the Register.

bona vacantia; owned by The Crown as otherwise ownerless property

  • Property of the company becomes vested bona vacantia.
  • The Crown representative; the Treasury Solicitor,
  • has signified to the Registrar; Companies House,
  • in writing; the Treasury Solicitor waiver letter,
  • consent to the company's restoration.

Let us quickly restore your company to the register