Restoring a company to the register at Companies House
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If your company has been struck off by Companies House

  • We can restore your company to the register under the administrative restoration procedure within a week after obtaining the Treasury Solicitor waiver letter.
  • The Treasury Solicitor waiver letters are currently coming through in about a week to ten days.
  • We will apply to the Treasury Solicitor first and tackle the other problems in the meantime:

Other problems

  • Preparing outstanding accounts.
  • Preparing outstanding forms CS01 Confirmation statements; earlier versions: AR01 Annual Returns.
  • Preparing form RT01 Application for administrative restoration to the Register.
  • Securing payment of:
  • Treasury Solicitor's fee £69.00.
  • Outstanding Companies House penalties up to the date of striking off.
  • Penalties stop increasing from the date the company is struck off.
  • Companies House restoration fee £100.00.
  • Form CS01 Confirmation statements/AR01 Annual Return postal filing fees at £40.00 each year.
  • Companies House recommend filing everything together to avoid generating administrative difficulties and unnecessary correspondence with Companies House.
  • Our fee is £150.00 + VAT
  • So that is:
  • official fees £169.00
  • our fee £150.00
  • + VAT on our fee £30.00
  • Total £349.00
  • + Companies House Penalties.
  • + Preparing outstanding returns and accounts - fixed price by quotation.
  • All costs, apart from penalties, are allowable deductions for Corporation Tax.

Companies House write to us confirming the restoration

  • The company immediately appears in the online record as active.
  • A notice is published in the London Gazette.
  • Your bank pick this up and reactivate your bank account; releasing any frozen funds.
  • The company continues as if it had never been struck off.
  • but references to striking off and restoration remain in the company filing history on the public record.

Administrative restoration - Applicable law and legal considerations:

Apply within six years of striking off
Otherwise application must be made to the court and will only be allowed for personal injury claims.

Sections 1000 & 1001 of the Companies Act 2006
The company was struck off the Register under the power of the Registrar to strike off a defunct company.

Section 1024 of the Companies Act 2006
We apply for the company to be administratively restored to the Register.

bona vacantia; owned by The Crown as otherwise ownerless property

  • Property of the company becomes vested bona vacantia.
  • The Crown representative; the Treasury Solicitor,
  • has signified to the Registrar; Companies House,
  • in writing; the Treasury Solicitor waiver letter,
  • consent to the company's restoration.

If The company cannot be administratively restored and you only want the funds from a frozen bank account

  • Where the company can be restored but not under the administrative restoration procedure; above.
  • and
  • You do not want the company for anything in the future.
  • What you do:
  • You undertake not to apply for restoration in the future.
  • Apply to: The Bona Vacantia division BVD of the Government Legal Department.
  • For a discretionary grant. No-one has a right to a grant.
  • Paid from funds which Bona Vacantia division BVD have received from the company’s bank.
  • The maximum grant is £3,000.
  • Subject to a costs deduction £300.
  • If the grant is over £750 - Subject to an additional 5% deduction.
  • Making a claim:
  • As long as the company was solvent when it was dissolved.
  • Former shareholders ‘members’ or former appointed insolvency practitioners only:
  • Complete and submit a form DG2

Legislation - Companies Act 2006

1000 Power to strike off company not carrying on business or in operation The usual reason.
1001 Duty to act in case of company being wound up
1024 Application for administrative restoration to the register The usual restoration by a director within six years.
1029 Application to court for restoration to the register Restoration by a director and others.
1030 When application to the court may be made Mostly within six years.

Let us quickly restore your company to the register