Company registration name - use of the company name

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Company registration name - main considerations

  • The company has the sole use of the company name with the Registrar of Companies at Companies House.
  • The company, as a legal entity, is the company registered number on the Companies House register.
  • Company name is your responsibility.
  • The company registration name may be changed at any time.
  • To avoid conflicts we advise careful consideration and inspection of:
  • Companies House list of registered companies.
  • Trade Mark Registry.
  • Business name registrations and data bases.
  • Internet search engines.
  • No rights to use a name are given by Companies House.
  • Similarly there is no protection, by Companies House, from others using the name except "exact" matches on the Companies House register.
  • Other existing companies have the right to apply to Companies House within one year:
  • if they feel that your company name is too similar to theirs and
  • that there is the danger of confusion between the two names;
  • which may adversely affect their business.
  • Companies House apply a very restricted and technical approach to uniqueness of name.
  • Obvious similarities will be disallowed such as existing names with added:
  • UK.
  • Services.
  • International.
  • .com or similar.
  • Numbers as words and words as numbers.
  • "and" to "&" or "&" to "and".
  • Addition of punctuation marks and symbols.
  • Names with bogus suggestion of links to professional, regulated or public interest bodies will not be registered.
  • There is no attempt to avoid conflict with trade names; this being left to the interests concerned through general commercial law.

Company registration name - other considerations

If your business requires a licence under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, the chosen name must also be acceptable to the Office of Fair Trading.

Company registration name - reuse of a name

  • Once a company registration name has been changed it is available for reuse by you or anyone else.
  • After a company is struck off
  • the name becomes available for reregistation.
  • If your company has been struck off, you may register a new company with the same name.
  • This will be a new legal entity.
  • With a new company registered number.
  • The procedure should be completed professionally.
  • You must be careful to avoid fraudulent results.
  • A company name undergoing liquidation is not available until the process is complete and the company is removed from the register.
  • The new company will have to go through new Getting started procedures for:
  • VAT registration.
  • We can apply for transfer of your VAT number.
  • All other tax numbers have to be new.
  • PAYE new scheme.
  • Construction industry scheme CIS, if applicable, new scheme; same reference as the PAYE scheme.
  • Open a new bank account.
  • A new Corporation tax number will automatically be issued by HM Revenue & Customs and sent to the registered office.
  • Before you make an application to have a company struck off:
  • You need to:
  • Wait three months after any change of company registration name.
  • Confirm that the company has not traded for three months.
  • Settle outstanding company debts.
  • File outstanding Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, Construction industry scheme CIS returns.
  • The striking off process takes three months to complete.

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