Self employed sole trader

Self employed or sole trader is the simplest way to start your business. No preregistration is required. You need to notify HM Revenue & Customs and we can get things set up for tax purposes. We can advise and register you for VAT. Please see VAT voluntary or compulsory registration .

If you are in construction, please see The Construction industry. We can register you for the Construction Industry Scheme CIS if applicable.

You need to file an annual tax return and this will normally need to include income from before you started as a self employed sole trader.

All taxpayers are subject to the tax inspection and enquiry process. Good bookkeeping and records are the first method of self-protection.

Self employed bookkeeping advice

You need to set up bookkeeping and consider VAT see Bookkeeping and VAT. Also bookkeeping examples in our Client bookkeeping guide pdf.

Do I need a limited company?

If you are considering registering a limited company please see Do I need a limited company?.


Contact us about self employed sole trader status and setting up your business